I was taking 5mg escitalopram for two month. After 6 weeks, the anxiety lifted and I felt so much better. Much more like my old self. Two weeks later and I could feel the black and white thinking and lack of motivation/fear start to creep in again. I had a chat with my GP who suggested I now try 10mgs. We kept me on 5mg due to my own body chemistry, side effects and more personal factors.
I'm aware that with each titration, the side effects will come back,thus is the paradox with SSRI's. Taking into account that we are all different, I suppose I am looking for some reassurance that this will improve again. it seems that in the ten weeks I have been taking them, there has only been two weeks I have felt well and motivated.
I have a good understanding of how these work and so all I require really is to read others similar experiences.
I have no real support network and so it is tough right now being alone with this.
Many thanks in anticipation.