Hi there,

I had the implant (Nexplanon) removed a little over a year ago. Mainly due to the fact that it was mildly making me break out and I was no longer in a relationship and felt that I had no use for it as well as seeing more research about how progestin can be harmful to reproductive health, I sought out to get it removed from the clinic at my university. However, since getting it removed I feel like the symptoms have developed as I feel the following symptoms
-little enjoyment of things even when I do things that I should enjoy
-depressed, thoughts of not wanting to be alive (I have never acted now has it reached the point where I ever have seriously considered it)
-increased acne on cheek area after not having any at all prior to implant insertion (worsened after removal)

This has been going on for quite sometime. It is worth at some times than others.

I personally believe it may be due to hormonal imbalance of some sort but preferably would like to stay away from treatment with birth control bills or synthetic hormones. Has anyone experienced something similar, how did you take care of this issue? Is having hormones tested a possibility? Does anyone know the science behind this relative to the response of the endocrine system to fluctuations in hormone levels?