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IF you have a reaction to Codeine, can you take Tramadol without that reaction?


skater1215 19 Jan 2011

You probibly could but I wouldnt advise you to until you read all of this. Most cases of an allergy from codeine is because of the opioid parts of it. Tramadol does act on opioid receptors in the brain but its much weaker. Officially, Tramadol isn't an opioid but it does act on the opioid receptors, but it's so much weaker that depending on how strong your first reaction was, you could take it. If you just had a mild skin erritation to codeine, Tramadol will release much less of the chemicals that act on opioid receptors, so you could probibly take it without a reaction. I would deffinatly ask your doctor what they think and go from there.

Just to sum that all up:
-Mild reaction to codeine= possible to take tramadol
-Severe reaction to codeine= dont take tramadol


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