Wellbutrin XL 150mg BRAND (not generic) is sold by a Canadian on-line pharmacy in a similar round, white pill with the GS 5FV imprint; the bottle it comes in has a label stating it is manufactured by Biovail Corporation, Steinbach, Canada, under the GlaxoSmithKline trademark. GSK says it knows nothing about it & that Wellbutrin is manufactured by Valeant.
The box for the Canadian version says the medication is from Global Health Supplies 1-877-278-5344; dispensed by Zapatero Intl. Ltd., Mer Rouge, Mauritius.

IS THIS THE REAL WELLBUTRIN XL medication, or a hoax? Many of us have gone to Canadian on-line pharmacies because of the enormous expense of brand medications in the U.S., and there are reports that these medications may be sugar pills, etc. Wellbutrin is an important medication, and a fake would be a disaster! Thanks for your help.