I was getting up to urinate between 4 and 40x a night. It would wake me up and I could not go back to sleep even if my bladder wasnt full because it caused my whole body excruciating pain unless I got up and peed, even if it was only a few drops. With (3) .5mg tablets of zanax taken during the day it allows me to sleep and I only get up 1-2x a night to pee, it's like a miracle! But I forget to take it on time a lot because it doesn't help with Anxiety or my Major Depression or any Stress at all. Why does it only affect my bladder (and thank heavens for that) and I don't feel it (other than I can finally sleep after 10 years) nothing else has ever helped this condition? I've been to several specialists tried all the new "frequent urination" drugs/patches nothing but the xanax works and that was found by accident, why does it work "only below the belt", so to speak, for me? And why doesn't xanax help me at all with the anxiety?