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I took about a 1/8 piece of a full suboxone this morning. how long before it wears off?


jdogg33 10 Nov 2009

when i take 18 mg it ususlly last about 6 or7 i imagine that might last you about3 to 4 hours

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subuser31 11 Nov 2009

Ya, I take a 8mg and a 2mg and when it is time for the 2mg it is usually about eight hours later; I was on 100mg+ before my suboxone therapy.

oktoday 10 Nov 2009

if you took a quarter i am assuming you took 2mg or a quarter of an 8mg suboxone. the half life can last as long as 16-24 hours and in some individuals can still be detected up 72 hours. i would say that small a dose and not taking it every day within 10-20 hours the effects should be worn off by now. are you experiencing any bad side effects or are you concern about a drug test. if you went thru withdrawals off of opiates then 2mg is a lite dose and might not cover the withdrawals. if you want to use an opiate again 2mg might not block the opiates and probably could break thru. i wish i could help more but your question wasnt specific and more details are needed but thats alright. i hope you are feelig better and i hope this helps some. everyone is diffrent and some people it lasts longer and some shorter but the jist of it is that it is a medicine that can be taken once a day so that should tell you that the half life is fairly long but like i said one pill one time and it should be out of your system by now.

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