I looked in my stepsons drawer and saw some drug paraphernalia. He claims to only use pot but there was this piece of foil there too. I was particularly surprised by a roughly 2" square piece of foil (alum or tin) that was contorted into a bowl. It had a slight tiny brown stain on the inside. The bottom did not have any burnt indications. I made the mistake of sniffing it and my sinuses reacted by draining. I had to spit out mucus later and eventually got bronchitis. No smell was noticed and I didn't notice any other symptoms. Besides the 2"x2" foil, there was a lighter small plastic bag with what looked like pot leaves and a small calculator sized scale for measuring in grams. My wife dismissed it as only pot but the foil suggests something worse. My Dr thought cocaine or meth. A month before he had a fake cigarette stashed that we found, but he claimed that was used for smoking pot. Can you help me convince my wife that we may be dealing with more than a young man using pot?