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I take zoloft at night I missed my dose can I take it in the morning?


sweetie pie 1 June 2011

Hello lopez. I would not take your next dose in the am. You should wait until the normal time that you take your Zoloft and take it then. If you take it at night then you need to stay on that schedule. If you take it in the morning and then at night, this will be too close. So, try and stay on your normal schedule so that the Zoloft can reach it's full effect in your blood stream. I know sometimes people forget to take their medications. After all we are all human! I wish you the best! Sweetie Pie

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IndyLady2012 30 May 2011

yes you can just dont take it to close together get back on schedule and take the next does as prescribed.

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lopez86 30 May 2011

Thanks hey last night I had to go.out and work and I felt a lot of pressure on my neck and head I had a real bad panic attack I also take ativan for emergency I took it calmed dwn and fell asleep that's why I forgot to take my zoloft I mean I been feeling a.lot better until last night do u think the zoloft is backfiring

IndyLady2012 30 May 2011

no but it maybe that they need to up the dosage.You need to go back to the doctor.Lexapro completely stopped my panic attacks and i had them severe as they get/You may want to try another medicine sometimes you have to try other meds til you get the right one.Hope that helps.
God Bless
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