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I take suboxone and prozac does anyone think thats ok to do? i've got alot of mixed answers?

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subzero58 13 Apr 2010

hi kel or tod,i have been on suboxone for 9 months. after a short while i was having trouble sleeping. my addictions doctor put me on elivil 200mg at bedtime.honestly i only take 100mg and im fine. are u takin both at the same time? i dose at 8am -4pm. i wouldn't take both at the same time,just because of what the insert in the bottle says.dust dont over do it. you will b fine.prozac doesn't make u real sleepy dose it? when u decide to come off sub be careful not to get prozac withdraw. it may sound crazy but most anti depress med has a weird withdraw feelin.

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kellyandtodd 15 Apr 2010

Tnks subzero and yea prozac makes me very sleepy other then that its ok what should i do?

subzero58 15 Apr 2010

hi,if the prozac is makin u sleepy take it at bedtime and sub whenever u were takin it... lots of doctors are perscrip anit depress instead of benzo's.good luck... pete

AjaJade86 14 Apr 2010

I have been on both medications for 2 and half years.. You are okay :) and will be okay.. I also gave birth while being on these medications and have a healthy 8 month old.. Im not sure who is telling you negative things but make sure thy actually know what there talking about.. but dont be afraid your okay and deff. not alone!

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kellyandtodd 15 Apr 2010

tnks ajajade86 so you take suboxone and prozac how do you feel and what times do you take them?

AjaJade86 16 Apr 2010

well you have to realize i was a complete panic disorder freak! anything i took i swore it made me feel differently.. the only thing you will notice is when taken a higher dose you will feel more tired or sleepy.. so if that bothers you, you can take it at night.. i personally dont mind it.. and wouldnt change a thing! free discount card

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