I have been weaning myself off Cymbalta 60 mg. I refilled the last 30 day dose on January 24th 2011. Since then I have taken the pills every other day or every other two days and I have 12 of the 30 pills left. I quit cold turkey now for an entire week. Last time I took the pill was last Sunday Feb 27th 2011. My symptoms consist of fatigue, constant hunger, thirst, anxiety, uncontrollable crying, unstable emotions (hot & cold, up & down), paranoid thoughts, insecurity, bloat, diarrhea.. at one point was unable to walk long distances or move too quickly because I feel dizzy and faint. I am terrified that this will last any longer than it already has. Today I felt better but I still feel light headed and can't move too fast. I also am unable to think clearly or very fast. I am scared and so far I haven't heard of anyone quitting this drug cold turkey. Any words of advise or encouragement would be welcomed. Thanks