... quite heavily. The last year or so my cocaine use has increased alot. I was using every weekend and some times on Thursday. (four days a week)
I usually only crave when I am out drinking and socializing but sometimes it would be pre organized to take it (coke).
I really want to quit this. I have tried before and failed. I have currently stopped using coke for 4 weeks.
I know this is not long and it is unbelievably tough at the moment because I am constantly craving it which increases wen I drink alcohol.
How long will this craving last???
I have found that smoking a cigarette usually around 3 or 4 when out drinking is really helping to control the crave!!
This has suprised me but it is 100% true. Don't get me wrong I don't consider this a long term solution because i don't really like smoking but it is helping me control my crave so I will continue this for now.
I never smoke unless I'm drinking and that is when I crave coke..
I am thinking of trying the nicotine gum to see if it has the same effect on me. I seam to get a hit/buzz of the cigarette and that calms me right down and pacifies me.
It really is controlling my crave there is no other explanation I can think of!!!
Has anyone else had similar experiences???
How long will the crave continue???
I am determined to quit cocaine for good once and for all and appreciate your comments. I have stopped hanging out with 'friend' takers and all my other friends don't use drugs so I think at the moment I am winning. I am getting good support from my wife and friends which is so good.
There are certain people that don't know and cannot know like my boss and close family.
Anyway at the moment there is no sign of a relapse and I think I am doing ok but I know 4 weeks isn't long but as I said I'm determined to quit 1 for myself 2 for my wife 3 for my health and 4 because of the financial implications (£700 spent on cocaine each month) not always this much I guess but some months for sure. Your comments please guys are welcome. Good luck to you all.