I got a dwi last year. i was put on probation for 3 years. The first visit to my p.o. I had to give a urine sample. It was an instant result which was negative, however, the temperature did not come up to where it should have and the P.O. didn't go into the bathroom with me so I had to give a mouth swab. I hadn't and never did drugs so I didn't think anything of it. When I went to see her again, I was told I tested positive for opiates and cocaine. What would cause that? I actually spent $125.00 to have a hair sample taken yesterday which would encompass 120 days and that time frame to prove that I didn't do anything but now I'm worried about that. If I wasn't worried about the mouth swab and it came back positive, why wouldn't any other means of testing do that. I'm scared to death that I will lose my job.