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I had a cortisone shot yesterday & today I feel really sickly, is this normal?

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Rajive Goel 18 May 2010

Could be due to some side effect, would recommend to contact your doc./pharmacist for help & advice, hope this helps, best of luck.

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tsdumont 3 Mar 2019

I am going to talk to the pharmacist today. I have a high tolerance for pain but this pain does not feel good. A week and 3 days later I still feel pain from the shot in my back and nauseous with loss of appetite. I also get flushed and feel very warm suddenly. No fever. Very very tired. I do have more movement and feel a little more flexible. But it not worth the pain I feel from the shot. I wanted to cry the other night and drive straight to the ER. Thankfully I fell asleep. I have been putting ice on the back and doing some stretching and walking. We will see what the pharmacist says.

tsdumont 6 Mar 2019

Went to CVS Parmacist for consultation. Pharmacist said to go back to the doctor and/or go to emergency if you have good insurance. A cortisone shot should not give you discomfort but make you feel better. The thought that maybe the shot location is in a spot that is causing the pain. Suffered from Friday to Monday at 1 pm when I could finally get an appointment at the doctors office. This doctors office does not take emergencies. It turns out that what I was feeling may be due to nerve damage near the hip bone where there is pain in the lower back. A prescription was given for an MRI of my back. Never missed a day of work. Persevered. Pushed back tears many times. The next day after the doctors appointment. NO PAIN. Unbelievable. No pain relievers the entire day. Unexplainable.
Taking it easy hoping this feeling continues.

yayablondie 18 May 2010

I had eight seperate shots a few months ago all in my lower back, right hip. A day or two later I woke up not feeling so well. While driving my kids to school I broke out in a massive sweat and my stomach felt terrible. This lasted for a few days. I asked the dr. about it and he said it is impossible to get sick from the shots... my fiance also came home a couple weeks ago telling me he heard of this happening to someone wife he was talking to !! I would call your dr. and see what he/she says. I had no luck and they also want to schedule a facet block for my lower back/hip area. I am quite skeptical (sp?) to follow through with this due to my reaction. I have also experienced this with epidurals in my back. Even if your dr. says it can't make you sick I totally disagree because it most certainly can and has to me and other people. You'll feel better in a few days but in the meantime take it easy and rest. I hope this helps you to know it is possible to make you sick. Hope you feel better soon.

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breaches lane 18 May 2010

thank you for your info, this was in my wrist due to osteoarthritis, but i have deterioation in my facet joints & osteoporosis, so your input was all good, it's 2.30 now & i feel a little better, but couldn't believe how much this knocked me about, like you i also had the sweats!!! all night long but have not physically vomited but my stomach is churning non stop, i phoned my drs & was told it's "probably a bug".
thank you again

Yuki50 2 Jun 2018

Rejuvenate it’s all normal what your feeling. I’ve been getting cortisone shots for years. They make you feel funny. And there a few side effects. But unless, your running a temperature, or sick to your stomach, your fine. Ice the area, take a Ibuprofen , or Tylenol . Drink lots of fluids , and just take it easy. Symptoms usually go away in a week or two . Your body is trying to adjust. All very normal. And you should be pain free. That ‘s why your getting the shots. Yuki

Jo1952 22 May 2021

It’s been over a month since my injections and I still have the side effects

marjorie zych 19 May 2010

I too had the same effect when I had Cortisone for my back and my knees on seperate days. You may be sensitive to it, my doctor told me when it happened to me that he would have to use a little less on me because of my reaction. It also could be a reaction if it is mixing with other meds. I would definately talk to your doctor about this and see if that is what is happening to you. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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breaches lane 19 May 2010

thank you, it is a possibility that it is interacting with other meds, i am taking alendronic acid which is quite harsh & calcium supplements, but thank you for your response, i do feel a little better today so hopefully it is subsiding.

frozen shoulder 17 Aug 2017

Side Effects (A to Z) of Cortisone Injections

A Acne, appetite changes or loss, abdominal pain, severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue)

B Bone fractures; back pain; black, tarry stools; blindness (sudden, when injected in the head or neck area); burning, numbness, pain, or tingling at or near place of injection

C cardiac arrest (heart attack), cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac enlargement, circulatory collapse, congestive heart failure, clumsiness, changes in mood; changes in menstrual periods; changes in body fat; chest pain; convulsions; confusion

D Decreased or blurred vision; depression; diarrhea; difficulty sleeping; darkening or lightening of skin color; dizziness or light headedness

E easy bruising or bleeding; excitement


F facial flushing;fainting; fever; fast or irregular heartbeat; frequent urination; false sense of well-being; flushing of face or cheeks; feeling of whirling motion

G gas; general body discomfort

H hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there); headache; hiccups

I indigestion; increased thirst; increased joint pain (after injection into a joint); increased pressure in the eye; increased sweating; irregular heartbeat

J joint pain

L light headedness

M mental depression; mistaken feelings of self-importance or being mistreated; mood swings (sudden and wide); muscle pain, weakness, or wasting

N nervousness; nausea; nosebleeds (after injection into the nose)

P pain, swelling, or redness at the injection site; personality changes; prolonged sore throat, cold, or fever; psychotic behaviors; puffing of the face

R reappearance of disease symptoms; redness, swelling, or other sign of allergy or infection at place of injection; restlessness; respiratory tract infection

S seizures; sensation of spinning; shortness of breath; sleeplessness; skin rash or hives; stomach bloating; stomach pain; severe nausea or vomiting; swelling of feet or legs; sudden severe dizziness or headache; symptoms of infection (eg, fever, chills, sore throat)

T thin, fragile skin; tendon or bone pain; tremor

U unexplained headaches (frequent of continuing); unusual tiredness or weakness; unusual bruising or bleeding; unusual weight gain; upset stomach; unusual skin sensation

V vomiting, vision changes or other eye problems; vomiting that looks like coffee grounds

W weakness; weight loss (rapid)

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luanne1965 25 Apr 2018

Thank you for this extensive list. It has been 2 weeks since my injections for bursitis in my hips. I have not felt good since. A series of these side effects occurred and are still happening, especially the headache that will not go away or respond to OTC meds. I had no less than 20 of the effects listed here. I really don't know where to turn as there are no real fixes for any of these things and I don't want to be prescribed some medication as a fix. I feel like I just have to ride it out. Praying it is not much longer.

dzorra 31 May 2018

Hi luanne,
I hope you are feeling better and the side effects have diminished. I was given an injection (only one) of a different steroid, but also had horrible side effects - anxiety, shaking, stomach upset, tingling in my feet and hands, vaginal bleeding, rise in blood pressure and blood glucose, dizziness, muscle/bone soreness and loss of appetite. I had none of this before the injection. I am hypo thyroid and take levothyroxine, but that is the only medication I take. I found comments by many others who had similar reactions to steroids. As time goes on, the side effects diminish, but it is a rough road. I hope you are doing much better by now.

Cgaby90 28 Sep 2019

Dzorra I have the same exact symptoms as you right now. I had one cortisone shot 3 weeks ago and I feel like I'm getting worse and now I have the vaginal bleeding. I have severe anxiety and depression. I just feel like it's never going to end. I am deeply afraid. I cry so much and pray pray to God. I feel so bad for my husband as well since he's so scared for me. Please Dzorra tell me how long it lasted for you?

Jo1952 22 May 2021

Yes I am getting anxiety attacks and nervousness and head tremors. My stomach is upset it’s been since the injections over a month ago.

101fran 10 Nov 2017

I had a cortisone shot in my hip two days ago would that make stomach feel queasy

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edodd1943 10 Jun 2018

I had a strong cortisone shot 3 days ago for a skin infection. I began feeling queasy at once.
Now day 3, I am still nauseated, off balance, eyes burning. The strangest part was an
Unpleasant psychedelic like feeling .
I still feel terrible. Hope you are ok now.

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Coffeeinmybee 23 Aug 2018

I had a cortisone shot in my hip less than 12 hours ago. For some reason, my surgeon told the radiologist to double the cortisone. Within 4 hours I began to have trouble regulating my body temperature, my hands were sweaty, clammy & shaky, my heart was racing, my stomach was in knots and nausea, along with the urge to have a bowel movement and intense, dark anxiety.
I have Ehlers Danlos and a Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which makes me very medication sensitive and allergic.
I told both my surgeon and the radiologist and they still gave me the double dose.
I hope this goes away soon. I feel like I’m going crazy and going to have a heart attack.

Coffeeinmybee 23 Aug 2018

I have the psychedelic feeling too. I did mushrooms a few times decades ago and this was how the ‘trip’ started. We were told it was because the mushrooms were poison. Strange that I’m having the same reaction from cortisone.

Angelahw 10 Jul 2018

This exact thing happened to me. I had increased appetite, abdominal distention, and severe naseua. I thought that I was sick from something that I had eaten. Then realized that it had to be from the cortisone shot. I also have bad side effects from any type of anaesthesia. Hope you feel better.

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tsdumont 27 Feb 2019

It appears from reading people’s reactions after a cortisone shot that everyone feels something different and most feel miserable. I have not read yet that anyone felt relief right away. I had a cortisone shot 5 days ago in my lower back for back pain and hip bursitis. Since the shot I have had hot flashes and a feeling of being very warm with some nausea. While I do have some flexibility and freer movement the pain in the lower back is consistent like someone is pressing on my tail bone. I am taking Advil and putting ice on the lower back and doing some light stretching. My doctor said the relief may take 2 weeks and that I should go to physical therapy 2 times per week and come for a follow up visit in a month. I want to pain to go away. Right now I am regretting getting the shot. Waiting for relief. Hope you feel better soon.

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KatieBwryn 27 Feb 2019

I’m commenting on this because I came here too for answers. These other posts are from 2017 and 2018 so hopefully we will get responses if not, we can respond to each other! I received to injections into my neck exactly one week ago today. Since then I’ve felt sick. Nausea and just an overall not well feeling. Constant headaches a migraines. Friday I thought I had the flu. The past four three days I’ve had runny stools- not diarrhea persay only because I’ve gone maybe theee or four times a day (which is a lot, yes but not enough to where I winks consider it diarrhea). The nausea has subsided, a bit. Migraines are gone. Headaches are much better. All of of this started right after these injections. Now, I don’t know if it’s just ironic that I caught a bug at the same time because that is possible, but it’s just crazy. Hopefully going to find some relief and this junk will go away!! I’m follow up with my doctor in a month, as well.


I saw her this past Sunday. I was regretting the shot day one and two ONLY because I was in more pain after and the migraines were horrible. The nausea and runny stools came after.

fricerice63 20 Mar 2019

I had a cortisone shot a week ago for my knee. (torn meniscus) It took three days for the pain to subside, & I have no more pain in the knee, but am having very heavy dizzy spells, and headaches. I have had some serious bouts of anxiety, more bowel movements than usual, and I am extremely tired. I am praying this will go away, as I can't get off the couch. My Dr. gave me meds for the dizzy spells, it makes me very sleepy. No more cortisone shots for me it's not worth the side effects.

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tsdumont 21 Mar 2019

fricerice63 ... I hope that you feel better soon. I too experienced feeling very sleepy, with headaches. I also had nausea. It is now 4 weeks since my cortisone shot. I am still sleepy and lack motivation. I am a triathlete so this experience is upsetting me very much. While I have freer movement from the cortisone shot in the back. I still feel pain. It’s the left si joint lower back. Most days I go without pain medication. I refuse to take anything other than Advil or Tylenol. I am doing lower back strengthening exercises which seem to be working. My doctor thinks that I may have nerve damage in the lower back thus the burning sensation I felt. Dr. recommends an MRI of the back. Becareful where you go for an MRI. They are very expensive especially if you go to the hospital. Vitamin B6 and B12 help for nerve damage I am told. Trying that route first. Good luck with your knee. Knee strengthening exercises will help. No more cortisone shots for me either.
All the best to you.

Bookishdark 15 Apr 2019

I had my first shot in January and felt lousy for a week and a half, if not longer. When it finally subsided and the pain diminished, I wasn’t sure if it was because of the steroid working or a decrease in another medication. I had the initial face flushing. Then it was a general unwell feeling, nausea, diarrhea, headache. I just had my second injection a week ago. Face flushing, headache, nausea, discomfort in my neck, diarrhea - I feel miserable. I’m desperate for this misery to end.

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LightSeeker 3 May 2019

I had 2 steroid shots yesterday in right hip for bursitis. Last night when I tried to go to sleep I could hear the sound of my heart beat in my ears. Couldn’t sleep because of the sound. Today I’m super dizzy, especially when getting up from seated position, my hands are tingling and I get winded when I walk. I’ve had many injections but never had 2 at a time. Never had this response

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KjcCookie46 5 May 2019

Hi I am not a physician however I have had several Cortisone knee injections over the last two years , only the last year I have noticed I also have been really ill, nauseous, nasty Taste in my mouth, tired , head ache , fever when I told my doctor about this it’s always a look of shock, I don’t understand or maybe it’s that your getting sick , I’m like no this is from the cortisone injections it happens every time , I am 3 days in and still sick , hopefully in the near future this medication will be researched to determine why now is it causing so many horrible side effects
Hang in there .

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MrsMButler 6 May 2019

In Googling side effects of a Cortisone shot, everything I’m feeling was not mentioned on ANY sites I visited until I got to this one. I got a shot on Wednesday of last week. Day 1, I had a headache & loose stools. Day 2 & 3, migraines & loose stools. Day 4 headache & loose stool. Day 5, so far, just loose stools!!! I’m so sick of it! I’ve eaten so many Pepto tabs I should buy stock. I would say it’s all worth it, but dang it, I still have pain in my elbow! This is the first time I’ve gotten one, so, I’m not sure I will get another. On the bright side, maybe all of this pooping will help me lose weight! Ha!
Ugh! Guess I’ll call my doctor too.

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Ky66 13 Jul 2019

I had a cortisone shot Monday in my thumb joint and two days later I have been very light headed ever since. I didn't know what was wrong but just realized it might be from the shot.

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Dizzylizzie 7 Aug 2019

I had a cortisone shot in my shoulder three weeks ago. I felt queasy straight away and for the next two weeks I had horrible headaches and dizziness, some nausea, flushing face. The third week I feel absolutely exhausted. I feel like nodding off at certain times throughout the day. The headaches have gone and the giddiness is easing. My shoulder pain is mostly gone but I feel the problem is still there.

Dizzylizzie 7 Aug 2019

I felt this way after my shot, three weeks later and I' m still not right. So many people seem to be having similar side effects and yet the medical profession keep saying it's nothing to do with the shot. I beg to differ.

IsabellaValentina 21 Jul 2019

That happens to me every time I get an injection in my back. You have to realize that there are going to be some side affects the doctor is putting a foreign substance into your nervous system. It lasts from a few days to a week. I get bouts of getting flushed and nauseous and I feel tired every single time I have it done but the benefits outweigh the slight discomfort I have for a short while afterwards.

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