i been with this guy for 14 months now and recently there has been rumors that hes using drugs heroin and I was in disbelief cause growing up I saw so much of it I figured I'd know the signs and since he works late nights when I see him half the time he's exhausted and I thought it was due to lack of sleep however he finally admitted to being on pills dan,dan, xanax and volumes all of which I know nothing about except that they're downers I think so he claims he's not doing it anymore and that he's never done heroin however I see many changes in him and so randomly one day I bought a home drug test I made him give me a urine sample in front of me and he passed the test but I still believe he is using his behavior is really weird, am I wrong? Could he have done something to pass the test? If he were on any of those pills would it have come back positive? Someone please help :(