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Heroin - how do u know if someone is using?

4 Answers

jessica1983 1 Feb 2012

You can usually tell someone is using heroin by first simply looking anywhere a vein appears. If there is a mark from a needle or bruising, that's one sign. Also nodding at any point, in the middle of a sentence, standing up sitting down, driving anytime anywhere. When their feet hit the floor they want to get high. They are always broke, and usually will sell anything of value to pay for their habit. They sound sluggish talking to them and are very aggressive w/o it in their system. They are known to steal and lie to supply themselves with the heroin and after their habit gets really bad, have been known to go as far as giving sexual favors for the drug b/c they become so dependent on it. Anything they say will probably be a lie and they will constantly be in the bathroom. Look for Q-tips without cotton on them which is what they use for a filter sometimes or cut off filters on cigarettes.


If you are looking for their needles look inside of the lining of hats, matched socks already in the drawer maybe further toward the back, holes in the lining of pocketbooks they will find the oddest places to hide their supplies needed for injection. even other pill bottles to hide the drug itself.

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Tahoegirl 10 June 2011

It is fairly easy. Pin prick pupils (unless mixing with another drug-like meth). LAZY! Loss of weight. Nodding off is a sure sign, this is not normal and specifically linked with heroin use. Always out of money, secluded. Definately check for nodding off- theyre eyes roll back, head goes foward and back and wham they can be in the middle of a conversation its quite creepy. Hope this helps and I hope if you suspect at all, by all means Ask that person if they want treatment... they have to want ot.

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Tahoegirl 11 June 2011

Also, look for straws, smokers tend to use straws and foil. They.sleep a lot! Very sneaky.

kerriehoyne 31 May 2011

see what sort of mood theyre in after waking up in the morning most users unless wealthy need to use or will use on waking either way take notice and if u find they r u can tell from then that they r lying if their lips move

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Inactive 20 May 2011

If you suspect the person is injecting it, look on the backs of the flatwear spoons, there should be a black or grey burn mark. They will nod off alot also, they will not ever have any money. This person may seem very chatty one minute, nodding off the next and probably either very skinny, very dark circles can be around the eyes, they will be in the bathroom hiding their habit often, too. You might see injection marks or bruising. If they are smoking it, look for pipes in their car, snorting, bleeding sometimes from the nose and nodding.

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