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I can't swallow pills...I HAVE to crush them. I see that crushing Xanax is not an option?


MommysLittleMonster 28 Nov 2011

I take Lexapro for depression in the pill form,but I know there is also a liquid form of Lexapro availavle.Talk to your doctor or to a pharmacist to see if there is a liquid form available.

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DzooBaby 28 Nov 2011

It depends on the form you take. Xanax XR is an extended release or long acting form of medication and cannot be crushed as crushing defeats the time release component and releases all the medicine at once which can be fatal. If you take regular Xanax (not XR) they can be crushed. Talk to your Dr and pharmacist to clarify which kind you take if you dont already know. If you DO take the long acting form then ask the Dr about a short acting form or a liquid, if one is made (this is something your pharmacist should know). It is always a good idea to be sure and ask a pharmacist if any drugs you are prescribed can be crushed when you pick them up, as you know not all drugs can be crushed. Be sure to remind your Dr that you have difficulty swallowing pills and ask for a liquid form when available. When using liquids be sure to use a measuring device to measure as not all table ware teaspoons are a real teaspoon measure.

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