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Can you crush tenex and mix it in juice. my 5 year old son does not swallow pills?

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KLuB 18 Oct 2012

Yes, you can crush Tenex (guanfacine) because it is immediate release. You CANNOT crush Intuniv (guanfacine) because it is time release. If you are crushing Tenex, try to mix the powder with one teaspoon of chocolate syrup, ice cream or yogurt.

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Inactive 29 July 2010

I found this;
Mar 20, 2009 ... He has also been on tenex and risperdal for the last 2 years (with the vyvanse) for ... You can't crush it up because it needs to dissolve throughout the day. ... powder it and mix it with juice or honey... 1 year ago

I have read to try a different if is because of taste maybe your Dr.knows of a secret way

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Inactive 29 July 2010

Hey bucky 1 good to see you around here glad they didnt take off your comment.

christineATU 29 July 2010

The FDA reported this information:

"Tenex should not be used in CHILDREN younger than 12 years old; safety and effectiveness in these children have not been confirmed".

Read more:

Please have your son re-evaluated. This medication is used mainly for high blood pressure. I'm not sure why his doctor has him on this medication, but there should be an alternative medication that is safe for children under 12.

Good luck to you and hope your son is ok.

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dylanmichael1 1 Aug 2010

thanks for the info

umnike 24 Aug 2011

christineATU: I know you're just trying to help BUT Tenex is used very commonly (and safely) in the pediatric population in children as young as 4yrs old. This was prescribed to her son for a good reason and you should not comment on things you are not experienced with... it can scare a parent. Tenex was originally developed for blood pressure but has been used for years for behavior in children with no effect on their blood pressure. The FDA/pharmaceutical companies do not always spend time & money to approve all uses (especially when the brand is no longer but that does not mean it is not safe and effective for use in a population. As a PA in pediatric neurology, I have experience when I make comments on these things.

Inactive 29 July 2010

Call your pharmacist.
good luck to you and son.

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dylanmichael1 1 Aug 2010

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