hello all i tried posting a question but i guess it was inappropriate? i dunno it did not end up posting

I am in chronic pain due to my back and in september through december i was injured with first my hand then an injury from falling on my elbow led me to cellulitis and was on vicodin for 4 months then for my back i went to a pain management doctor and we are doing facet blocks so i dont have to take pain medication anymore

when the vicodin stopped working and i asked for a stronger pain medication such as low dose percocet my doctor said no just take two norco at once every 4 hours instead of the 1 every 6 hours (10/325). after that conversation i realized i needed to get off norco completely which was two weeks ago and decided to use suboxone for the withdrawal which i couldnt do the withdrawal cold turkey from norco due to school and work obligations.

i had been abusing the norco as well as using it for pain (needed to take more and more for pain relief AND liked the buzz)

i used 16mg my first day of suboxone then 16 on day two then day three i took 14 day four i took 12 day 5 i took 6... day 6 which was a saturday i did not take any because i have been experiencing horrid back pain that nothing is helping which goes to show my norco was working for pain. i took vicodin from saturday to monday then waited till withdrawal and took 5mgs total on tuesday with my last dosage of 2mg at 730pm...

it is now wednesday and i woke up at 9am with sweats, chills, and anxiety (i am in college and working and broke and have no body to help me financially) which obviously made my anxiety worse than normal.

i went to the store this morning with my dad full of energy but sweating/chills (talking took away the anxiety) but when i got home at 11 i wanted to take a nap and was feeling soooo anxious so i took 4mg of suboxone. it is now 5 pm and i feel fine and am ready to study for my math exam and for my other classes (taking 14 credits this semester, working 25 hrs a week, working towards my degree in biotechnology)

I am hoping i will not have to take any suboxone thursday or friday but im confused as to within 12 hours of my last suboxone dosage i was already in withdrawal when it should work for 36 hours?? or so i read?

to make things clear, i went on the suboxone to get off hydrocodone and to deal with my chronic pain medication free which has turned out to not be what i had hoped for. I want off of suboxone now and dont know what to expect tomorrow.

I am also red flagged at all doctors/pharmacies now due to all my prescriptions of vicodin and now the suboxone so its gonna be a long time until i can be back on medication and i want off the suboxone now so i can start that path in my life.

suggestions please??? why did i go into withdrawal in 12 hours??