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Does niacin free flush detox your system of marijuana?


Reinaofocala78 14 Feb 2019

Niacin.does work but not the flush free one .. Cant say flush free on the bottle . I got my boyfriend the flush free and tested him and came back positive still .Then i realized it said flush free .so i went got the other one .(which is hard to find)that just said niacin 500mg. And they have one 250 we did that one for 5 days and he tested clean..3×a day he took it .

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mfpdfibro 23 Jan 2012

It does do a good job of ridding your body of all toxins and giving you a clear UA. I would look for the kind that does not have the flushing effects otherwise it will make your skin crawl when you start to flush. It feels like your skin is on fire so make sure it is the none flushing kind. It will still work, just not give you the heebie jeebie's. Next time don't smoke pot withing a couple of weeks to a month if you want a clear UA. Good Luck!

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Kesha1124 5 June 2013

To be honest I have tried this twice and it really works...

Jahmalmo 25 Sep 2016

Do it really works I took three 500mg and I'm 220 5'10 I got a interview coming up within a few days.

Daijon Williams 26 Dec 2016

Does it really works

420 Von 8 June 2017

It got me pass all NC probational drug screens for 9 months, except the first because i took it the day before instead of 2-3 days before.

Alina123 27 June 2017

How many do you usually take? free discount card

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