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How many 5mg Vaium equals 1 mg xanax?


LaurieShay 22 Mar 2011

Hey lunadog,

A 5mg Valium is equal to a 0.5 mg Xanax.


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LaurieShay 22 Mar 2011

oops, to answer your question then it would take two 5mg Valiums to equal a 1mg Xanax.

puckiemull 22 Mar 2011

Does that mean xanax is stronger then valium or vice versa?

LaurieShay 22 Mar 2011

One is not really stronger than the other. They are in the same drug class and generally prescribed for the same conditions. The Valium is more quick acting and stays in the body longer than the Xanax, so in that regard they are different.

puckiemull 22 Mar 2011

Ok thanks laurie,just curious to know the difference

Benzohalo 18 Jan 2018

They are in the same class but its apples and oranges. Xanax are much stronger but dont last as long as valium. Valium is a more low key relaxed benzo.And of course this depends on your usage and tolerance.Xanax and klonopin are more comparable but still different.

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