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How many 0.5mg xanax equals a 2mg xanax?

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Jandelles 9 May 2010

The answer is 4.
0.5mg x 4 = 2mg.

marjorie zych 10 May 2010

You are so right. It is four tablets to equal 2mg. It may be easier to get a new script for the higher does so you don't miscount, not saying you will but it is easier to have to take less pills just in case.

Brianetta31 12 Jan 2017

Does anyone know if you can withdraw from xanax

Bud69 2 Mar 2017

Yes xanax will cause withdrawal and it could be dangerous so if u have been taking it for a while get of it slowly .

leondressk 31 Aug 2017

I have seizures when I go to long without taking any

collid82 3 Apr 2018

To LE LeonDressek: How long have you been on Xanax? Alcohol and benzodiazepines (the drug class Xanax belongs to, which is a CNS (Central Nervous System depressant), are the only two withdrawals (unless they have discovered others recently) the can be fatal. The seizures that you just mentioned, are what actually can lead to death in those who are suffering withdrawal symptoms. So, as someone said above, if you are trying to discontinue their use, do so very slowly, and under the supervision of a medical professional. I'm not trying to scare you, or talk you out of discontinuing their use. I'm just concerned, and want you to do so safety. Because, I certainly don't want you to die because you want to discontinue a medication that you feel you could/would be better off without. So, good luck, be careful, and I wish the best for you. Cheers!

Vernwilliams 11 Jan 2018

It takes 2 to equal a Xanax bar

Funutru 13 Mar 2018

No it takes 4 to make a bar

kevinb1953 12 Jan 2018

It will take four .5mg pills to equal a 2mg. Dose of Xanax.

Dhalfacre5 1 Mar 2018

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