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How many 2mg diazepam wud be fatal if overdosed?

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Rvcantu55 2 Oct 2022

I wish I knew for sure. I am bipolar and have chronic back pain. I just want to go.

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archyturner 25 June 2010

ive been on valium for allmost 18 years and if you take only 2mg valium and no other meds whatsoever you can not die by diazepam alone you could take loads like i regually take 40 2mgs every week you just fall asleep..but if you are on any other meds please dont mix and ask a doctor allso if you drink alcohol then take your 2mgs and then fall asleep on ya back please be carfull because you can be sick in your sleep and choke to death... i know this coz ive lost 2 very close friends that took loads ov valium then drank whisky ate lots of food then went to sleep and they never woke up..i hope this helps you out...

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fairies16 10 Jan 2017

I have 2mg diazepam prescribed to me by my doctor for anxiety. I have an incurable disease which will be horrible for me at the end. I have 4 months, maybe 2-3 months of 'useful' life. I don't want to suffer and I don't want my lovely peopke to suffer watching me. How many diazepam will I need to end it? What will it be like. Can anyone help me.

Riri90 7 Feb 2017

Fairies16 this made me sad. Hope you are ok

Inactive 10 June 2010

well its been 11 hours since your post, so i would imagine youre either asleep, in the hospital, or possibly just waking up. I dont think this would be a lethal dose just because 2mg valiums are VERY small, mostly they come in 5 or 10mgs. However its really bad to mix benzos with alcohol at any level. I really hope that you are ok. Ive done similar things (not as a suicide attempt) and all that happened was i woke up not remembering ANYTHING, bit of a hang over, and quite a few people mad/ concerned about me because of the foolish way i was acting the night before.

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marjorie zych 10 June 2010

lockey68, I too am concerned with your question and thefact you are admitting pretty much that you are suicidal. Please do yourself a favor my friend and get to a hospital fast before you do succeed. Whiskey and Diazepam is in itself a lethal combination and by the grace of God your still here to tell us about it. I have been there my friend, to the point where I was actually pronounced, but I am convinced that my Guardian Angel (my 3 day old deceased daughter) told me to stay and help others through this so here I am. I too tried to overdose and like I said I almost succeeded but I am now glad I didn't. Sometimes the thought is still there but I now reach out. I hope you are still with us when I am done this post. I do care even though I don't know you, I have tried it my friend and nothing is worth losing a life over.


It may seem the best way out at the moment but you are a precious soul and there are some people who still do care about others, I have found that out by being on this site. I am going through cancer for the third time and I was ready to give up again but the people on this site have rallied all together and have been praying for me and sending special well wishes through their posts on this site, needless to say I am still here and would like the same for you. Please my friend get some help, if I was there with you I would bring you to the hospital and sit with you myself. If you can please keep in touch with me and let me know how you are doing. I will be thinking of you and praying for you for peace of mind. I will also leave my email, I hope to hear from you soon. In case my email gets taken off because I don't know the rules for emailing on this site I will also put you as a friend and you can send a private note to me on this site, o.k.. God bless and keep you my friend, marjorie zych

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marjorie zych 10 June 2010

lockey68, I hope this finds you still with us, I wanted to put this in my response but didn't have it handy it is a saying that was in a thinking of you card I was given by a friend and I am passing it along to you I hope this gives you some encouragement: By Roy Lessin--- God has a way of taking us through hard times and difficult seasons, wiping our tears, and then bringing back to us in an even greater way the things that we thought were lost to us forever. Hope this little saying finds you doing a little better and hope you get the help you need remember you can contact me anytime I am always checking in. God bless you my friend, marjorie zych

lockey68 10 June 2010

yes im here , this happened on saturday , im seein a shrink tommorow, lifes hard im havin major probs with my 20yr old son and i cant take any more

marjorie zych 11 June 2010

I am so glad to hear you are still with us and that you are going to get help. I have come to realize that nothing is worth hurting what few people do care by committing suicide. You have to care about yourself though and believe me I am rereading what I write because the thought still crosses my mind at times. I will not be on for a couple of days as I am going in the hospital on Friday the 11th. You hang in there and I will still be thinking of you my friend. marjorie zych

barbles2413 9 June 2010

I have a serious concern about why you need to know this. Not to intrude on your personal life I hope you are not thinking of doing anything to harm your self. Good luck and god bless

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lockey68 9 June 2010

i am very low at the moment i took 22 2mgs with half litre of whiskey bt im stil here

barbles2413 9 June 2010

Do yourself a favor and call a friend go to an ER and get help. It sucks to feel the way you are feeling and it seems like there is no better way than to do what you are doing it is not working what does that tell you go somewhere where they can give you the right medication to make this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE feeling go to hell. I have been there so many times this past year get help NOW I MEAN NOW your life is so prescious and even though right now not being here to be in this pain sounds good it is not the answer you can e-mail me anytime you need to I know it is even hard to sit at a computer and talk but my e-mail address is
GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS CALL 911 or have a friend drive you to a ER keep me informed okay and remember if you want this kept private e-mail me


respected88 20 Oct 2010

I would just like to say to the person who was giving the advice, that it takes a pretty caring person to take on the responsibility that you offered and I would like to commodate you for you selflesness. Good looking out. People take this gift of life for granted way too much.

ShoKerr 14 March 2018

if the help was available, perhaps people would not ask such questions

jc2486 16 April 2018

I don't think you can overdose on just benzodiazepines..especially 2mg, you would need a couple of hundred and then you'd wake up with a sore, groggy head. free discount card

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