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Opioid Overdose - how many oxcontin 10mg would be fatal?

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Inactive 3 Oct 2010

I am not sure if you are asking this as you want to go out this way, or if you suspect someone who is taking opiates is overdosing, or what your reason is. I hope you are not planning to go out this way. Please call a suicide hotline if that is the case, or any type of helpline. Opiates will kill someone who takes too many, which may vary from person to person or if they take them too long, also which will vary. I hope you will hit comment or answer and let us know if we can be of some assistance for you.

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gembey 3 Oct 2010

thank you - it partly answers it. The question is really what the resistance level is for each person It is me question is about. I am with a mental health crisis team, but I have said that i wanted to get my affairs straight before i pass on. Thing is I dont think itis realistic, as i am functioning at such a low level now it isa poitnless excercise really. I have 30 x oxcontin mr 10mg. I already take 12 hourly meds for chronic painsyndrome and used to use oxynorm 5mg as breakthru relief. I was on 20mg mr for 2 years and got off it 2 years ago, on my own. I tried one 5mg oxynorm this afternoon and felt little effects, which makes me think that I will need to use all the pills i have. Do you know if this will induce coma before death? escuse me being so blunt, but its important for me to know what will happen. I had a n experience two years ago when i took a damage mr capsule and realised i was overdosing.

Inactive 4 Oct 2010

I really don't know but I wouldn't want to comment on something that would bring another harm. I have never used this medication you are asking about but I know it is strong. If you are in chronic pain, and want something that may fix it so your pain meds will work again, check out member l'il stevie's experience with Ibogaine. Go to find or search for a member and put in l'il stevie and read his profile. If you are in mental pain caused by an emotional void, ie anhedonia, please join some groups here to see if we can get you some support. In your field, there is a high burn out rate and if you add physical pain, well , that would make it much worse. I am sure the world will be less bright if you are not here, I have suffered this anhedonia also, but struggle on. I will not judge you, I simply hurt for you and want there to be less pain for you.

Inactive 4 Oct 2010

Hi gembey,
Please call your doctor asap, there are medications that will make you feel better! There is a reason God put you on this earth, so please do not harm yourself. Think of all the people that love you, they would sorely miss you, if you were gone. Think of your son.
We are all here to support one another, so please keep us posted on how you are doing. We care! Never lose hope, for it is all we have at times.
Wishing you the best,

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christineATU 4 Oct 2010

Hi there Gemby. Believe it or not I happen to be a Tottenham HotSpurs fan. Well, used to be anyway. The Brits sure are crazy over "Football" or Soccer as it's called here. Manchester United are like the Yankees of baseball over here. Personally I'm a die hard Cubs fan, don't laugh. I have a friend in Haverhill, Suffolk. Are you near there? He's a great guy, happens to be a counselor too. Former addict who lived on The High Street! Honestly, but how ironic!

You certainly have a lot of pressure on you. I don't know what I would do in your shoes, but please stay with us. Many people here are very supportive, kind, and are going through much of the same issues as you. It helps knowing you are not alone. Please add people as friends, ask questions, answer ones you might be able to help someone with. You'd be surprised at what you know, but no one ever asked.

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Psyched 4 Oct 2010

I guess you could tell by now that your question seemed to alert everyone. Just wanted you to know as one stranger to another, my private question box is open anytime if you need to post(talk). I do try and answer everyone every day. Just offering an ear and a hand, as humans we all fall and I personally think each of us deserves hand at getting back up. Hope to hear from you.

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Inactive 5 Oct 2010

Psyched, I concur, we all need support at one time or another!

gembey, keep us posted on how you are feeling, we care.

gembey 5 Oct 2010

Thank you kind stranger, I didn't intend to get folks jumping. It was and is an honest question. Haven't quite got the hang of how to email privately, will work on it... Am feeling a little quiet, and neutral, and very warmed by all of your responses.

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Inactive 5 Oct 2010

Hey Gembey, It's Patti again. i wanted 2 mention how jealous i am that u live in the birthplace of some of the greatest rock musicians in the history of rock, The Beatles, ELO, Queen, Judas Priest, Freddie & the dreamers, keane and even The Darkness, they r all favorites of mine. I am also a bit jealous u have ur Mum, altho I realize it is difficult to care 4 a person who is older and so ill. My Mom died from alcoholism 22 yrs. ago at age 62. i watched one of the Dawn of the Dead movies once and had a nightmare that i had 2 quit my job to protect her from zombies, and i was so scared i couldn't protect her and she would get out of the house and b killed. i promise u that fear was so real that i never forgot how desperate and overwhelmed i felt trying to protect her, how i tried to brainstorm a way to keep her safe. We worry when we have responsibilities and we imagine the worst thing is going 2 happen, just knowing someone else cares helps so much.

Laurajane24 18 Dec 2017

Does anyone still use this site? I could use some advice..thank you in advance..Not feeling so hot..on prescription pain meds too long.I'll be 64 in Jan.!

dmlady 5 Oct 2010

when I was in the hospital I was on 80 mgs of oxycontin and another 20 so that 100 I was also taking 1 10 mgs of percocet due to the fact I needed relief sooner the the 100 mgs would take and on soma and vallum 3 during the day 5 mg and 25 mg at night so To make this fast and to the pont they left out the 20 mg and got 1 perc and no vallum and I had a mouth full of potatoes and the nurse came in and made me take my meds when I wasn't time so I poured the cup full of pills down and not thing I chewed them with my food I wound up over dosing and my heat rate went to a 5 when it should be 17 and there was a ventalater put in my room when I came to I did not remember a thing. they all had to tell me what happened

gembey 5 Oct 2010

I just read your details,

I so feel for you, the losss annd grief for the life thats gone can be the hardest and yet the most overlooked. You cant change what has happened, only change how you feel about what has happened.

This is not meant to be a smarmy/clever reply, its very hard to live in the twilight zone of drugs and doctors and medical appointments, amd not being able to do the things your friends and family do.

Yet, my most profound time was when i was bedbound for nearly two years, i fiinally learned the art of being a human, and to be content in each moment. My bedroom was so still that prettymuch everyone entering it,carers particulary, would burst into tears and unload their problems, dry their eyes and walk out feeling loads better. hah hah.

It was definately easier to be so poorly that others could look and see that i was unwell, than it is at the moment where i am partly well.

i think there are many of us out there in the world, i am sure we have a purpose beyond physical ability

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gembey 5 Oct 2010

dmlady, the message I posted above was for you. (starts I just read your details)

christineATU 5 Oct 2010

gemby, what an insightful comment... "I am sure we have a purpose beyond physical ability." It was only recently I started to believe this myself. You have already reached out and helped someone. I know your comment wasn't meant for me, but thank you for reminding me we here for a reason, not yet understood, but let's stick around to find out what it is... how ever bumpy the road may be :-)

smurfdog10 12 Aug 2016

Will 15 20mg oxy be good

1mommy5 25 Jul 2017

This would depend on the persons tolerance to OxyContin. Weight, and any other meds they are mixing with it.

sirius1 19 Aug 2018

well, who've tried the fatal dosage and can talk about it ? a friend of mine started by 1- 15mg and he got high the first time, after 6 times of doing it, it took 20mg to get the same buzz. He can now take 30mg after 3 weeks and get the same buzz as before BUT it look like he will have to increase every week if he keep doing it every 2 days. So , if you never took any, a 50mg might spell trouble for you, 60 -100 mg will be DANGEROUS specially if it is mixed with benzos. If you become tolerant to it a 40 mg will be a light dosage. So never take a high dosage before you feel the normal 10mg and feel that you can increase slowly after 30 minutes if everything seem normal ( you can walk, speak and cut a pill in half easily ) ... If you have to take 60mg +, you might need another type of analgesic... BUT it's not a good idea to play with your life , so find another pass time. If you have pain, your doctor will fix the right dosage. free discount card

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