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How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay in Your System?

3 Answers

DzooBaby 5 Feb 2013

It stays in the body for about 24 hours but it can be detected in urine for about 3-4 days after your last dose.

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mommieof3girls 14 May 2011

it will stay in your system anywhere from 3-7 days.. that what the detox center told me..

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suzanne66 2 Aug 2009

Many factors influence how long a drug remains in your system. Body metabolism, physical condition, state of hydration, age, frequency and method of usage and tolerance will all affect your result. If you know you are going to have a drug test the best thing you can do is stop taking the drug. You could also take your own drug test.

In general hydrocodone could last in your system between 1 and 5 days.

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