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Acetaminophen/Hydrocodone - some of the pills have colored specks on them anybody know why?

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CaterJax33 21 Jan 2019

Anyone ever noticed if you snap a pain pill in half and shine your phones flash light on it you’ll see tiny crystal like specs ?

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Timmyneddshis 18 Dec 2018

I believe them to be timed-released.

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bulldog413 18 April 2017

This happens to me only when I add the Vicodin to my "to go" container. It's probably an indicator of Vicodin that activates when mixed with Tylenol or other meds so the V can't be hidden with similar looking medication

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KrystalCuestas 22 Oct 2016

Hydros with the specks are time based and go off your pain ... these are usually for people who have long term pain or just had surgery

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Im_Subbin_It 31 Oct 2016

I love hydrocodone so much I eat hand fulls of it every day.

rinnoc 10 March 2017

@Im_Subbin_It Hahaha, this is by far the funniest comment I've read so far. Thank you for lighting up my day! Wow :)))))

NETVUE 11 Dec 2014

That's because that's is the compound that the real drug company

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balbanese 17 Nov 2014

I find that mostly on the non generic versions, usually get them in the hospital.

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chuck1957 16 Nov 2014

Creech,,, Just as Kasm... just said there are so many company and strengths and brands they come in almost all colors,One thing i always say is if it is a different color than normal check with the pharmacy to make sure ... here is a short copy of past to explain it a bit more... Chuck 1957 This last prescription I got were white tablets with little green specs - one side has the letter V and the other side has 3594. I have only taken solid white tablets in the past for Hydrocodone Pills ## The one's marked V 3594 are simply made by a different manufacturer than what most people are used to seeing. Oblong white pills definitely seem to be the most commonly prescribed versions, while there are yellow, blue, pink, orange and green tablets as well. I've also seen the white ones with red specs. Keep in mind though that these colors and/or shapes are always subject to change depending upon the discretion of the manufacturer. I hope this helps!

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kaismama 15 Nov 2014

They do, most of them should. I know I've seen then that some don't seem to have them, but its supposed to be there.

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