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How long does baclofen stay in your system?

3 Answers

AngieGossett4 29 March 2017

What is Baclofen?

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DancnDar 30 March 2017

Baclofen is a muscle relaxer.

peanut1933 26 Feb 2017

I have been on baclonfew 10 mg thee weeks getting side effects so how long after stop takenit.dose it take to get out of your system

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Inactive 13 Nov 2010

It should be out of your system between 24 to 48 hours.

Take care.

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lynste70 13 Nov 2010

Thank you maso4169 your answer was very helpful.

Inactive 13 Nov 2010

You are very welcome.

All the best.

warholicjm197 14 Nov 2010

The half-life of a medication is the time it takes for your body to metabolize and excrete a drug so that half of the drug is removed from your body. Most drugs clear the system within 5 half-lives.
Multiplying the half-life of a drug by 5 will give you the amount of time needed for most medications to clear the system.

The half-life of baclofen is 2-4 hours; therefore, the drug should clear your system within 10-20 hours.

Hope that helps!

lynste70 14 Nov 2010

Thanks all these answers were very helpful.

Blueyes2005 15 Sep 2016

Ty was very helpful I was I was just wondering because I was put on Baclofen and a trip to lean and gabapentin and I took it for 5 days and now have not taking it for 2 days and was just wondering if it is now out of my system because I feel like I'm still having effects from it

Spazzma 12 April 2018

I was on Baclofen 2 months, 10 mg 3 a day. I went off 4/7 and am still having symptoms. Today, nausea. I wish I'd never asked for it! free discount card

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