I was on 100% prescribed hydros (100 to 130 mg/day) for a couple of years because of a neck condition. This was getting out of control, so I decided to stop it with the suboxone treatment and deal with the neck surgery. Went to see one of those "cash-only" doctors, who also insisted that I should pay cash for the med, as well (!). My hydros were insurance covered, so I didn't care for the projected nearly $600 cash every month. He prescribed 8 mg tapes, twice a day for a daily total of 16 mg for one week to start. This is when I started reading more about the med, so the cost, plus learning that its withdrawal can be very extended by comparison to hydros, I did not like that, just too many reasons not to do it, but without really enough info, unfortunately. So, after only three days of the prescribed twice a day 8 mg tapes, I decided to go the 4th day at half a tape (4 mg) twice a day, for a total 8 mg for the day) and felt just fine. The 5th day I went to only a 1/4 of a tape (2 mg) twice a day, for a total of 4 mg. for the day and felt just fine. The 6th day I only took one 1/4 (2 mg) and that was that, still feeling just fine. At this point I was mistakenly making comparisons with hydros, like: "who can possibly get physically addicted to anything with only three days of full prescription and a total of 5 1/2 days use"?
It took about three more days to confront reality. On the 4th day after I quit, I started to feel sick. Well, it's been 10 days now since I took the last 2 mg and I'm wondering whether this is ever going to end. It is nothing like the wild withdrawals from stopping the hydros of that pre-Sub start requirement, but it still bad enough to totally interfere with my life.
I'm sure hoping for a word of hope that the end should be near. How can taking ONLY HALF OF ONE WEEK prescription stay in your system for so long, much longer than the time I took the Sub itself. I've endured so many days that I don't want to go back to taper. I just want to know when can I expect the end to this.