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How long after my last dose of herion do I have to wait before taking suboxone?


Inactive 21 Dec 2009

You have to be in moderate withdrawal, around 24 hours for most people.There is a sheet on this site called the COWS test, it is a set of questions and a way to rate your answers from 0 to 4 and you should come up at 26 on the test before you're ready for the suboxone. I have heard of some people taking longer than 24 hours, but, it won't be much longer than that.

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msawatson 14 Jan 2017

It basically goes like this. Do your last drug of choice the night before. Your hours start then.. So basically, you wake up.. Don't do any drugs and around 1am you'll start sneezing over and over again. Once your at the point where your skin has non stop goose bumps and you can't stop sneezing you've hit full withdrawal. So again.. Wake up.. No drugs.. Take 1st Sub. Around 1am to 2am and you'll be golden. free discount card

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