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How does marijuana effect wellbutrin?

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Jamelia Deans 12 Nov 2021

Marijuana is a good drug

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DeNeese 7 Oct 2010

Wellbutrin is an antidepresant, Marijuana is the opposite. Yes it will effect the effectiveness. I am living proof of what not to do. At 51 I now have to take these antidepressant meds for the rest of my life just to keep afloat.

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Jandelles 6 Oct 2010

There are no known interactions between wellbutrin and cannabis:,440-203

However, this does not mean that no interactions exist and caution should always be taken when mixing drugs especially if not prescribed by your health professional.

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Inactive 6 Oct 2010

I did not give you a thumbs down by the way

Inactive 6 Oct 2010

I don't think it's good to smoke marijuana with any medication or with no medication, unless prescribed by your doctor for conditions sush as MS (multiple sclerosis), glaucoma, cannabis can also relieve tics in people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and Tourette syndrome, etc.

And finally I don't think marijuana does a thing for you and may be extremely detrimental to your mental health.

Take care.

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Jandelles 6 Oct 2010

"I don't think marijuana does a thing for you"
Marijuana creates a sense of euphoria, increases appetite, and alleviates nausea, all of which are a benefit.

"may be extremely detrimental to your mental health" ... please provide evidence for this claim.

Inactive 6 Oct 2010

I smoked pot for 20 years and I am 42 now, and I know for a fact that you gain more pain and suffering from drugs than "happy times".
As for the evidence , just tell me why is it a controlled substance dy the DEA, and worldwide and can only be used for medcinal purposes only.

Inactive 6 Oct 2010

If this person is taking an antidepressant, tossing in an hallucinagenic might push the4m over the ledge Jandelles.

Jandelles 6 Oct 2010

Maso - just because you've gained more pain and suffering from drugs than "happy times" does not mean this will be a fact for everyone else. Some people die from alcohol poisoning but that doesn't mean it's a fact that drinking alcohol leads to death.

I understand there's short-term and long-term side effects to smoking marijuana but the implication that it "may be extremely detrimental to your mental health" is an exaggeration and misleading. You could also say that water may be extremely detrimental to your health as drinking too much of it can be fatal.

Inactive 6 Oct 2010

We all have different experiences, past and history, and we are all entitled to our opinions, I respect yours, I expect the same... Let us keep it simple you have your view and I have mine... Ok

take care my friend

Jandelles 6 Oct 2010

I respect sound information backed up by evidence. If you tell me it's your opinion that the moon is made of cheese, I see no reason to respect that.

With that said, I've seen you give a lot of good quality answers on this site that has helped hundreds of people. That I can respect.

Inactive 6 Oct 2010

Let us leave at like it is I do not argue... You win if that is your objective, ok I am not competing with you only sharing, and there is no need for lack of respect. And the moon is obviously not made of cheese. -

peace and love

oxyaaron 6 Oct 2010

for me marijuana helps with pain insomnia depression and others i think it is a miracle drug free discount card

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