I am currently taking 16mgs of Suboxone from a nearby clinic. Since I started taking Suboxone (started on 24 mgs) I have not slipped up once. I cannot say enough good things about this drug, it is life changing. I regret not starting this 20 years ago.
I do not like the clinic I currently go to, it is all about $$. I have to pay $35 co-pay for my consoler , $35 for the doctor, and $190 co-pay at the pharmacy.
Yes, this is far less than I used to spend, but $260 a month hurting our budget. My wife cannot work as she is the primary caregiver for her Dad, so we have one paycheck for the 3 of us.
How can I get a subscription for Subutex, this way I can go generic?
Thank You in advance,