Hello, My girlfriend has been taking Suboxone for one year and one month. She went from 4mg (for about 10 month) to 2mg every other day during the last weeks. Once she became pregnant I was very worry of the unknown side effects of Suboxone and health problems on the fetus or child. I didn't want to see a baby going through withdrawal. She is afraid and very insecure of dropping off the drug completely. She is "absolutely sure" that she can't make it. Her doctor recommended her methadone but she prefers subutex because she won't have to drive daily to a clinic for methadone. During all these months, every morning I give her her dose before I leave to work. Seven days ago I gave her half of a pill. The only difference is that it is not Suboxone but a vitamin C orange pill (looks like the soboxone pill). I been doing this since and she has been going through some pain and discomfort. Because she is taking the "pill" she thinks that her pains are related with her pregnancy.
I will like you all to share your opinions about what I'm doing. I planned on letting her know sometime in the future, maybe a month or two later. I also plan on letting her doctor know. I can't let him know now because if he does she will not qualify to be in the support program due the fact that this program is only for people using Suboxone.
Please share your comments, good or bad. thanks.