I didn’t have any side effects I guess this is my second time taking it, first time was working great. I started it generally for anxiety and low mood. I started 10 days on 5mg then increased it for 3 weeks to 10mg and now I am on my second week of 15mg. First 2 weeks of taking it I had very good days like I felt like myself very happy then I become low again and more anxiety and anxious thoughts. Still feel lots of anxiety but not as bad, my mood seems better. I am not sure if this medication will work for anxiety. has anyone had the same problem?

Also I had experienced turbulence before and got scared however didn’t stop traveling regarding this I always had anxiety before flights but last time I didn’t have. Now I am about to travel again and this on the top made me more anxious. Do you know if Klonopin 0.5mg will work well? I know it works but for flight not sure. Thanks