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Has anyone taken 5mcg of vagifem? I cut the pill in half?


crow woman 31 Mar 2011

I've tried it, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. The applicator "shoots" out the tablet the first time (but not a half tablet), and I found one reference that the drug is formulated to stick to the vaginal wall. I know timed release drugs should not be split, but I don't know if this is timed release. My doctor prescribed it 3x a week, but on the off days I get premenstrual symptoms - cramps and increased appetite. I've gained 10 lbs in two months - from 112 to 124!

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Inactive 19 Apr 2011

I gained weight too. I went from 112 to 123lbs. I have some breakouts with it. But managable on half the pill.Sorry I just had my computer fixed.

sammycat 23 Oct 2012

I do use it x2 a wk, and do not seem to have a problem.Does anyone have problems with their clothes? free discount card

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