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Has anyone reported a crazy increase in sex drive with phentermine use?

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sbell40 20 Jan 2011

Wow! is that what it is? I thought it was the Gym? Maybe it drives me nuts at times maybe it has a little of Viagra in it maybe. I'm taking the 37.5 but half of dose.

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Terina 20 Jan 2011

I didn't know if it was working out, the phentermine, or hitting my prime... maybe a combination of all 3 but it seemed to hit almost overnight and turned me into an insatiable nympho. Seriously, caused a deep aching until that need was filled(literally). Was like that for months... 24/7. The intensity has decreased now but still present. Sex was much like chinese food for me at the time... and hour later and wanting more. Just wondering if was just me or if others have had similar experiences.

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jlynm 25 Aug 2013

Omg!! I thought there was something wrong with me
It is a constant nonstop sexdrive! WOW! This could be!

Weetie 22 Feb 2015

So glad that I saw this. I thought something was wrong with me... lol!

shandijane7 26 Apr 2015

I'm about a month into taking phentermine and I am experiencing the exact same thing. I was very worried at first that I was pregnant. After a million negative tests I realized the ONLY thing I have been doing different is taking phenteramine. I have had to literally leave places because the feeling was so intense. I'm so happy I'm not the only one

Hardntender 13 Dec 2018

I was prescribed something similar for Adult Atenttion Deficit Disorder , I found that I had an increased Intensity to my libido .
I had a high libido all my life but was prescribed a stimulant for AADD & the intensity of my erections & orgasms changed to absolutely amazing , there’s no other way of describing it .
I can stay hard for hours & hours if I choose to & I have almost felt like my whole body would explode & I would pass out because of the intense pleasure I can experience .
I have learned to channel this so as to not interfere with my day to day “ normal “ life but I see women with a desire I can’t explain I think they know too ... ! I will use this for a little while to control appetite ... food that is & see where the side effects go ? Any women in Perth WA that need help with their “ side effects “ lol ... oh I’m cute too !

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Itsjustme37 22 Feb 2019

I am on phentermine and it does me the same way! Of course not exactly like your situation, because I am a female lol..

jheath2019 24 Jan 2019

I am so glad I found this website! I have been taking Phentermine HCL 30 mg for two months and all of a suddenly started having strange, intense, unrecognizable feelings. I instantly began reflecting on changes I made in the last couple of months and it was Fluoxetine and Phentermine. The somatic feelings I experienced mimics past hormonal changes before my menstrual cycle, but I am in menopause so I ran to the store, just in case. I also researched every website about side effects for both medications and found this one and died laughing... ROFL!!! I can relate to every comment on this blog especially Mr. Hardntender. @Hardntender... Even though my somatic responses to Phentermine are not as visible as yours, I isolated myself for a weekend because I was afraid for the public...


lol What makes these feelings so strange is the intense, unpredictable internalized attacks and thoughts that demands your attention to the point you cannot concentrate on your current activities at work. These feelings would be great for your honeymoon but not in public. OMG!!! This blog confirmed I was not losing my mind... thank you all for being courageous and transparent about your side effects with this medication!

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CitlaliR 3 May 2019

Hello, so I'm super glad I found this question. I've dealt with depression and a low sex drive all my life. I started taking this medication on a Tuesday, it is now Friday and my sex drive blew through the roof. I constantly want to have sex. It's only been 3 days since I have been using it. I finally feel like a 21 year old woman.

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MomOfFive89 20 Jul 2019

Yes! I am only 29 and have dealt with low libido for several years. Been taking this 3 days as of today and DEFINITELY noticed. My husband too

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KYGrandma 1 Sep 2019

Absolutely yes.

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Feelingmyself 24 Oct 2019

YES MY SEX DRIVE IS EXTREMELY HIGH! I have been feeling crazy like I can't get enough sex. I get satisfied but then right after I feel the need again. Non-stop all day every day. I feel like a pervert lol sexual thoughts even when I sleep. I've never been so wild. I am just unsure if this is a blessing or a curse lol on the plus side I have lost 30+ lbs in 2 months

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AnnaFP 17 Nov 2019

Yes! When the Menopause set in my libido became almost non existent and I was thankful I had an amazingly understanding hubby. Not only am I losing weight now but my sex drive is through the roof, almost insatiable. I am of course extremely pleased about this, my man thinks all his Christmasses have come at once! Life is great!

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brambo 19 Nov 2019

Omg. Needing to constantly orgasm. 4/5 times in a row. Seconds in between. Turned me into nymph I. Lol. Driving sensations really pleasant in my seat. Rushing to get home!! This needs to be sold as a female viagra or something for women who can’t orgasm. It’s awesome!!!

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Marimari 19 Nov 2019

Wow. I've been on this off and on for a couple of years. It just occured to me, after taking some today, and unable to focus on anything but when I'm going to have sex again, that this could be the reason. Quick google search and here we are. Little disappointed, thought I had some kind of superpower. LOL.

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LaDy_86 24 Nov 2019

Thank goodness, I'm not the only one! I'm on phentermine 37.5 mg tablets, month 2. I already have a high sex drive. My problem was it taking forever to have an orgasm! This pill change the game! I have them back to back, wanting and some days needing more! If I don't have sex I'm okay but when I do, I'm a very moist energizer bunny.

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originalladyleo4life 22 Jan 2020

I have gone from somebody that had a low sex drive to somebody who can't stop thinking about sex all day. I just started taking this pills on a Friday and by Sunday I was already a new person. I specifically came to this site to search to see if anybody else had the same response because taking phentermine was the only thing that had changed recently in my life. I see I'm not alone.

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Mummy5 15 Jul 2020

Yes yes yes!
Wow, I feel like a naughty teenager again

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hwv74 3 Oct 2020

I've taken phentermine a few times .and every time I get the same effects. I LOVE sex to begin with and with phentermine I have a serious increase in sensation so much that I actually ha6e orgasm without any physical stimulation. I get a aching pain and can only think it's similar to epididymal hypertension "blue balls" . I have a couple of orgasm during the night while asleep. Definitely no complaints . However I was walking in a grocery store and all of a sudden it hit and right in the middle of the store I orgasm.
Has anyone had anything similar?


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