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Has anyone reported a crazy increase in sex drive with phentermine use?

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TheyCallMeMrsP 21 Oct 2022

Yes!!! I feel like a dang rabbit! I am taking the 37.5 in the morning? Day 5. Hope I typed the right dosage, if not its the one closest to that number lol. I go back in a week to let Dr know how I tolerated this medicine. I'm tolerating it wonderfully no bad side effects just dry mouth.

Hubby loves my newfound sex drive. Its bringing us closer together cause he's the type of man that could have sex 5-6 times a day if he could lol. So no you're not crazy!

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Taffy89 30 May 2022

(Male) Been on the 40mg for almost a month, the first 2 weeks I lost all interest in dating/sex, and spent the entire time awake and just zoned out.

Then out of nowhere, it's like I'm 22 again (32 now) and full of energy and an insane libido. Another 2 months of this

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Carly Sue 27 Aug 2022

Sweetie I don't know what you're on but Phentermine does not come in 40 mg

Anic12 16 Nov 2022

For Carly Sue, in Australia it's prescribed under the brand name Duomine and it comes in 15mg, 30mg and 40mg.

wiztech 6 April 2022

Omg, I thought it was me...
I was prescribed Phentermine and my sex drive increased, but so did my concentration.
I am actually relieved at the libido increased, because my sex drive had decreased and It really started to effecting my self esteem. However, I was pregived the Phentermine to loose weight and I don't intent to use it long term. Does anyone have any recommendations for Women libido increase.

Thank you
The Wiz

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ThatGirlMoni 6 April 2022

I really knew something was up. It's like a 247 occurrence for me. I mean way worse then before. This is my 3rd and last month. And it's been every day since. It's driving me crazy lol especially cause I'm single haha

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Intenselyintense 29 Dec 2021

I finally googled to see what was up with me. I am walking, sitting , laying down and feel like I am about to have an orgasm. It's really tough being single right now. Doesn't matter if I relieve myself because the intensity comes right back.

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Themaxx69 14 Dec 2021

For what it's worth... I'm taking 37.5 maybe 4 days a week just to try to lose stubborn 30lbs or so that's accumulated after years and how do I put this... it makes my balls hurt EVERYDAY I take them. I wouldn't say it increases my sex drive because I'm a pretty healthy "normal" single guy and of course I already think about sex multiple times a day and basically everytime I see an attractive woman. It is exactly like blue balls! It must be somehow affecting sperm buildup throughout the day. Everyday my balls hurt really bad, just like if I was being "stimulated" for hours without release. And sometimes there is definitely a little leakage. Maybe it's also messing with my prostate. I dunno. No issues with anything before or when I don't take it. Very strange. Actually, I guess it does increase my sex drive just a little. And of course, it goes away with release!


40s. 6'1" 210. Eat good and get lots of excerise and water. No health issues at all, except for swollen painful balls everyday. Oh and the Phentermine is not working as far as making me not want to eat. It's just like super dooper caffeine.

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valpak1 19 Aug 2021

I'm just starting my second month on Phentermine 37.5 and it hit me overnight as well. I just can't seem to get enough and constantly wet. Not sure if it's the running or the med. :D

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ela99 19 June 2021

Yes, I’m 21 and hadn’t ever really felt the way I do now. I was confused and realized the only difference I’d change in my lifestyle was taking phentermine. The first 2 weeks were normal but now I can’t stop thinking or feeling so needy and being so wet/sensitive whenever in a car the vibrations make me feel so odd it’s embarrassing. Craving for pleasure so much and constantly it’s insane haha. Although not to fun when you don’t have someone to satisfy those needs, even after pleasuring myself it’s not enough so it’s annoying cause all that’s in my mind is how horny I am. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this makes me feel a little better haha. Although I’m hoping this effect doesn’t last long because it’s a little painful when you’re so turned on 24/7 and you’re single an don’t have a partner to do it with can be frustrating. Other than constantly wanting it, I have also felt a lot more energetic and happy, always smiling so that’s very nice too !

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Lyric5150 15 March 2021

I'm so glad its not just me! I can't stop being turned on!

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Dallas2021 10 Jan 2021

I definitely experience a *tremendous* increase in sex drive after taking phentermine. But, for me, it also causes a very definite inability to maintain or even have an erection.

But it's been very effective helping with my weight loss/exercise goals.

The universe does enjoy it's little jokes.

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Bertiebee 7 Jan 2021

Absolutely, and I'm on Prozac as well.

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Countrygirl33 12 Oct 2020

I'm so glad I found this forum. Today is my 1 year wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been together for over 9 years, but just got married a year ago. So leading up to the wedding, I of course wanted to look good, so I started taking phentermine. I was so busy with a preteen daughter, running a business, coaching cheer, and planning a wedding I didn't really notice at first because I've always liked sex, but after a while I was like what in the hell is wrong with me? This is insane, I need to have sex multiple times a day or I'm just not in a good mood and when I say need I mean it, I was in physical pain and especially if my husband would come kiss me or cuddle me and I was freaking out. I thought I might have girly cancer or something because my hormones were so messed up. I went to my OG/GYN and everything was great and she said well you are 34 you might've just hit your sexual prime. And I took that answer until I found this! Thank you all so much for sharing! I don't feel as crazy now.

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hwv74 3 Oct 2020

I've taken phentermine a few times .and every time I get the same effects. I LOVE sex to begin with and with phentermine I have a serious increase in sensation so much that I actually ha6e orgasm without any physical stimulation. I get a aching pain and can only think it's similar to epididymal hypertension "blue balls" . I have a couple of orgasm during the night while asleep. Definitely no complaints . However I was walking in a grocery store and all of a sudden it hit and right in the middle of the store I orgasm.
Has anyone had anything similar?


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Mummy5 15 July 2020

Yes yes yes!
Wow, I feel like a naughty teenager again

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originalladyleo4life 22 Jan 2020

I have gone from somebody that had a low sex drive to somebody who can't stop thinking about sex all day. I just started taking this pills on a Friday and by Sunday I was already a new person. I specifically came to this site to search to see if anybody else had the same response because taking phentermine was the only thing that had changed recently in my life. I see I'm not alone.

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