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Has anyone reported a crazy increase in sex drive with phentermine use?

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sbell40 20 Jan 2011

Wow! is that what it is? I thought it was the Gym? Maybe it drives me nuts at times maybe it has a little of Viagra in it maybe. I'm taking the 37.5 but half of dose.

Terina 20 Jan 2011

I didn't know if it was working out, the phentermine, or hitting my prime... maybe a combination of all 3 but it seemed to hit almost overnight and turned me into an insatiable nympho. Seriously, caused a deep aching until that need was filled(literally). Was like that for months... 24/7. The intensity has decreased now but still present. Sex was much like chinese food for me at the time... and hour later and wanting more. Just wondering if was just me or if others have had similar experiences.

jlynm 25 Aug 2013

Omg!! I thought there was something wrong with me
It is a constant nonstop sexdrive! WOW! This could be!

Weetie 22 Feb 2015

So glad that I saw this. I thought something was wrong with me... lol!

shandijane7 26 Apr 2015

I'm about a month into taking phentermine and I am experiencing the exact same thing. I was very worried at first that I was pregnant. After a million negative tests I realized the ONLY thing I have been doing different is taking phenteramine. I have had to literally leave places because the feeling was so intense. I'm so happy I'm not the only one free discount card

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