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What would happen if I was to miss one dose of my Seroquel at bedtime?


WildcatVet 5 Jan 2018

Hi, al! Because of Seroquel's 6 hour half life there would still be part of your last dose in your system and so missing a dose might not have much of any effect. Maybe some restless sleep.
Are you taking it just for sleep or with other medications for a specific disorder? If it's for a disorder it's a bad idea to miss many doses as your symptoms will probably return.
You should try to always take your meds on schedule as much as possible. Skipping or missing doses is just plain irresponsible and a waste of money. Always consult with your doctor for professional advice!

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Jp2001 5 Jan 2018

Hi i myself used to take seroquel. For some years, and in my experience missing a dose might not be a bad idea. I was so insistent that I had to take them and, after a few months I was so much different(in a bad way).I gained a ton of weight felt lethargic and was a totally different person. So for a few days I skipped a dose here and there and eventually just stopped. There werent any problems. So in the time I was taking it missing a dose did not have negative effects.

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