... mirtazapine to come out your system as I took side effects really quickly like 30mins to be precise They were horrible very drowsy and felt like I had a hangover could not focus and both my legs had weird sensations going through them horrible! My doctor told me as I was on citalopram 20mg that I had to cut it down to 10mg WED THURS FRI of last week that being 27TH 28TH 29TH and on SATURDAY 30TH start 15mg of Mirtazapine I was told by a person who appears to be very clued up on medication side effects etc that after 4days it would be out my system Could I start back on my citalopram 10mg again and when Would I have to wait the 4 days until mirtazapine was totally out my system or can I take it before then , thanks in advance