I was diagnosed July 2021 I began treatment in September 2021 my viral load was 34,000 in my CD4 was 480 as of January 2022 I am below 20 on a viral load and above 500 on my CD4 and considered undetectable non transmittable. As I've read the other reviews of this drug I have to agree with the whole not feeling like yourself I've been cloudy to say the least like no initiative no enthusiasm towards doing anything definitely dizziness when I stand up a lot feeling lethargic always being tired but never being able to sleep feeling bloated and feeling full but literally starving, soreness and tightness in my neck wrists knees. Crazy depression, sadness and mood swings. Abdominal pain. Irregular bowel movements constipation or diarrhea, gas and bloating.. restlessness ability to get on a regular sleep pattern. Feeling dehydrated, exhausted from simple tasks like walking up stairs with groceries or sore muscles from just driving your car or even doing dishes, and having no reason to be tired or exerted on any way.. out of breath, lack of stamina weird rashes and or tiny bumps randomly. Superficial wounds not healing fast as they should and leaving scars.. Heavy bleeding from minor injury like needle prick or paper cuts that look like you chopped off a finger.. I'm not happy about the diagnosis and I am glad I'm undetectable but I feel like I'm going nuts in a hypochondriac when in reality I think it's side effects of the drug and that's kind of scary.. but I do thank them for making it such an easy temporary solution to a big problem but I feel as though more could be done in 35 plus years and that more people should be focusing on why this isn't being used also to treat forms of cancer more commonly than it seems to be. Lots of questions lots of answers who knows when anybody will get to either one of them I'd say use caution but I mean you know your own body and if something doesn't feel right it doesn't feel right.. I just hope this doesn't cause some kind of permanent psychological damage to me or anybody else because the depression is intense..