My goal is first and foremost decreasing the number of people who ruin their lives with unwanted pregnancies. I'd also like to make guys more aware of what they are asking girls to risk..
pros: He has it feel good for a few minutes
babies are cute
You have to take morning after pills, that might not work, and will cause your cycle to be a mess.
You get pregnant and have to drop out of school.
You can't go to the mall and hang out with your friends, you have to stay home with the baby.
Babies cost about 200,000 a year to raise
You can't get a good job because you had to drop out of school. Child care costs more then you can earn.
You can't even find the daddy, much less get help from him or he's off at college having fun while you sit at home with the baby.
You have an std that there is no cure for.
75% of teen mothers end up on welfare.
You loose many nights sleep getting up with the baby.
Your parents raised their kids and get annoyed with you if you expect them to raise this one.
Your friends are changing boy friends, you're changing diapers.