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Will gabapentine pass a dot physical?

3 Answers

del_leo 25 Jan 2015

As with any drug it just depends on what they are looking for. Gabapentin isn't a narcotic, but when taking any kind of prescribed medication you should always be forthcoming and have written proof. However, because gabapentin (Neurontin) is typically used in patients who suffer from seizures, as it suppresses the nerves, May not be something that would be acceptable for the DOT (if you're driving) simply because of safety issues. I know it tends to make me really drowsy, and sometimes lethargic. When I first began taking it my Dr. restricted my driving for almost 3 months. But I do take 800 mg 3 times a day. Good luck!

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balbanese 25 Jan 2015

Depends of the specifics they're testing for, other substances, etc. Best to have documentation from the prescribing physician as to the presence, dosage, instructions, diagnosis and a few words regarding your integrity as a patient taking prescribed medications (of any variety).

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Inactive 25 Jan 2015

Now that's a darned good answer. I defer to you and your knowledge.

balbanese 25 Jan 2015

I can't tell if that's sincere or sarcastic.

Inactive 25 Jan 2015

Balbanese - it is definitely not sarcastic - I wouldn't do that.
Best to you,

balbanese 26 Jan 2015

Many would Trish, and often do because I do not enable. Thank you for clarifying and thank you for the validation.!

Inactive 26 Jan 2015

Thank you. It's a pleasure following your advice to those who ask for it.
They should value what you have to say - you are nearly 100% right all
the time.
God bless you and your medical problems.

balbanese 26 Jan 2015

Wow, I'm humbled. Thank you Trish, it's nice to know I'm making a difference. it's the only reason I spend my time here.

Inactive 26 Jan 2015

Dear balbanese,

You are welcome. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.
Good to get to know you.

balbanese 26 Jan 2015


kaismama 24 Jan 2015

Its not a drug of abuse, I doubt they'd test for it.

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