I had been on 20mg for 2 years and felt fine so i tried to reduce down to 10mg. After 4 weeks on 10mg the anxiety started creeping back in, it got considerably worse over a further 4 weeks so i went back to 20mg. I gave 20mg 10 weeks to work for anxiety, panic attacks and depression and the anxiety and panic didn't get any better, only a slight improvement in the depression. Now I'm on 40mg for three weeks and hoping to wake up one day feeling half normal. When will it get better? Week 1 was heightened anxiety when i thought it couldn't get higher. Week 2 i had some moments of normality once or twice a day and the constant anxiety was a little lower so i thought i was turning a corner. Come week 3 however the panic attacks have started again and my anxiety is still high every morning with a slight reduction as the day goes by. I'm hoping with every inch of my body that i will turn a corner in week 4 and feel some relief! Help i need some guidance!