I have a yeast infection, which I have had for maybe 2 weeks now for taking a lot of antibiotics. My yeast infection causes my clitoris to be hypersensitive and makes me feel like I need to urinate all the time. I started use gyno-daktarin cream which got rid of the itchiness and and the burning. However the clitoral discomfort and urgency to pee did not go away. I still show external symptoms of a yeast infection when I look down there too. So my doctor prescribed a single dose of fluconazole for me. I took it 28 hours ago. I took the capsule at 9pm the day I was prescribed the drug. The next morning I felt much better. My clitoris still felt a little sensitive, but less than before. And the urgency to pee was barely there. I ate cheesecake then took a nap that day for about 2 hours and woke up. When I woke up my clitoris felt more sensitive again (but not as bad as before I took fluconazole) and the urgency to urinate also feels worse (but not as bad as before I took fluconazole). I am worried that eating the cheesecake might have hindered the fluconazole from working since it contains dairy, and I read that taking dairy can inhibit the absorption of the drug. But I only ate 3 very small slices and I haven't taken in any other dairy containing food today. And I took probiotic vitamins as well. I would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience with fluconazole and how it ended? How long does it take typically for single dose fluconazole to work? (it says 2 days on the package) I would also like to know if I'm overreacting about the cheesecake and if it is significant enough to play a role in the function of fluconazole in me? Thank you so much for all replies!