I live near nothing, I really need some help finding a pain doc who will rx meds and due trigger point injections. I have had six major pelvic/abd surgery and now I have adhesions and severe pain. My pain doctor retired and his practice has changed the doc there said I should not get trigger point injections they are not indicated, he's wrong. I could travel to Harrisburg, Reading, Philly, Allentown, Scranton Hershey. I have been searching but no luck. Anyone able to recommend a doctor or clinic? There was a local doctor who lost her license for rx to many narcotics recently. I was at my pcp today and he actually said did you read the paper? I said no he told me about this doctor and I said what does that have to do with us? He said he will no longer be giving pain meds, gave me a months worth and said good luck... Unbelivable I am hearing from other people that they are either being precribed a lot less or are being told to find a Pain management doctor. Problem is they are not writing for meds. Some of us need meds I hate it but I am one of them. I would appreciate any input. Thanks.