I recently dropped from using a 25 mcg Fentanyl patch to using a 12 mcg patch. It seemed to me that prior to dropping to the lower dosage, that I was experiencing some withdrawal symptoms, like anxiety, being very emotional, tingling in the feet. On the day that I dropped to the 12 mcg patch I started to have diarrhea and felt queasy and had no appetite. I thought that was possibly due to anxiety about dropping to a lower dosage that evening. (I have Crohn's disease,so it is difficult to know if the GI symptoms are from the Crohn's or from the Fentanyl withdrawal). For the first 48 hours, the only withdrawal symptoms that I had were the GI issues. Then last night (48 hours after dropping to the 12 mcg dosage) I started to get almost constant tingling in the feet and could not sleep. (I do feel fortunate that I was able to sleep for a little while every 2 to 4 hours). I have not read other posts from people that have experienced this type of situation. I am wondering if anyone else has the withdrawal symptoms start several days after dropping the dosage? Any advice for getting through the withdrawal symptoms will be greatly appreciated. Thank you