I feel like im dying everyday its funny before i started i wanted to research on the pill and i tried searching this medication to see the side effects and there was nothing bad about it and i was very scared to try it, but i had chronic hepatitis C for over 20 yrs so i was anxious to get rid of it when i heard it was 95% i was so happy and felt relieved as i have suffered so much with the disease and it took over my life but now its been a year that i finished my treatment and i am so much worse then i was before i developed a rash on my bellly? anybody else? and the fatigue is so bad now its hard to walk sometimes and i have no energy the joint pain and bone pain in my body is very painful i started having twisting in my foot which never happened before and its happening more and more every two dys now and its very painful i am researching now and finding out alot of people are either getting cancer and getting really weird things happening in there bodies such as myself and people are dying one to two years after taking this pill. they did find a cyst on my kidney in October on a CT scan, i finished my treatment January 3 2018 I am praying that i am ok i feel bad for all of those that trusted the health system as i did to and its not fair of them to use us like that, i knew something didnt seem right and they are giving the medication to everybody now, and to hear they got bought off by free gifts trips,etc that is so sad if you research you will see. there is so many of us that are affected we try to take the treatment to get better and change our lives if only i knew it would ruin my life because my health isnt good and just getting worse i wish everybody the best and pray for you guys