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Is it OK to drink alcohol while taking Epclusa for hepatitis C?


inherjyze1 3 Nov 2017

I was told by my hep c specialist to quit drinking before starting treatment. She said it would improve my liver count. AS a matter of fact she made it sound like they required it before I started epclusa. SO I took her advise.

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Stephen Treloar 5 Dec 2016

They are not contraindicated but it will cause liver inflammation. As Epclusa is already slightly toxic to the liver anyway it comes down to how stupid you are ultimately.

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Ermis 3 March 2017

As an alcoholic I can be pretty stupid left to "my own self will."

Stephen Treloar 4 March 2017

You are speaking to one (abstinent for about 3.5 years).

Stephen Treloar 4 March 2017

Sorry, I meant to imply, if there is something stupid to be done; you can be almost sure that I'll be part of it.

Ermis 4 March 2017

Nice to hear from someone who is a member of the "what was I thinking club?" Then... repeating the actions thinking that stupid might be a different outcome the next 100 times... lol free discount card

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