When my doctor prescribed this to me it was because of my anxiety which is chronic"Everyday All Day I've Got Anxiety" For about 5 years now but the past year maybe longer its getting so bad! I constantly suffer from chest pains all day long, panic attacks on a regular, worried about the chest pains are what's going to make me die, Constanly thinking I'm going to die, I'm scared to be home alone cause I worry if something happens to me can't get to the phone or it will be to late for me to be found, I've never felt so worrisome, And yes there are other things I can list but ontop of having chronic Anxiety "I take xanex for" I have Cronich OCD But I'm not depressed at all! But I just need to know should I be scared to take this medicine? When he first prescribed it I filled the bottle but everyday I was going to take, atleast wanted to but I didn't 3 weeks later I went back to my doctor and was honest "Always am with him" told I was so frightened to take it we talked a bit and he had said he really thinks I will be ok on it! So I sit here today asking you what's your opinion do you think I should fear taking this pill once a day? I read reviews there are so many good reviews and I just want to fell better I don't want to live my days filled with anxiety cause my anxiety is at a level of like a really bad everyday all day and the chest pain shakes the not being able to sleep thoughts filled with worrys! So please help me and tell me what you think should I take it Remember I want to but my fear is that its going to cause me bad side affect and that's what's holding me back, should I take the chance cause if I don't I wont know... I want my life back thanks! If you know any chat rooms or people with this same problem I could talk to please give me the info! I thank you in advance, I hope you, all of you have a great day... ;))))