Patient background: 18 y/o F , L Knee
Surgery performed: ACL reconstruction surgery using hamstring graft ; Meniscus clean-up
Medicine prescribed: Oxycodone / APAP Tab , 5-325 mg
Regimen: 2 Tabs every 4 hours

My question is - would having used narcotic pill medication recreationally around 5 times last year (spaced out) affect the way the oxy reacts in my system currently? Also, I do smoke pot and cigarettes (do not judge my lifestyle please read the rest of the situation) but the last time I smoked was over 2 days before my surgery, would this affect the way Oxy is reacting in my system?

I had my surgery about a day ago, May 15th, and have been taking double pills (2, 5 mg Oxy/ 325 Aceteminophin) ever 4 hours)with the doctors approval, and the pain in my knee is so severe, I cannot sleep. After taking medication there is very minor relief, but about an hour after taking medication the pain builds to a point shooting up and down my leg that is almost unbearable. It's like these narcotics arn't helping me, I'm not even tired after using them all day, just exhausted from pain so severe my teeth chatter and I fear it's because I have used narcotic medication recreationally in the past, is this possible?

Also I am in a full knee brace that allows no movement, and I am icing alot. Moving around on crutches and getting out of bed is excruciating, just lying in bed not moving a muscle, the pain is so severe I cannot even fall asleep. I am also having alot of leg muscle spasms but I read that is normal. What should I do??? The doctor recommends no PT exercises for the first couple days.
Also I have done PT before the surgery, which tremendously increase my quad and ROM to prepare, but it seems it hasn't helped at all.

Why arn't the narcotics I'm taking help control the pain???

Also, in the hospital, before I was released, probably gave me around 5 or 6 pain injections AND a pill ( I dont remember what it was) in the IV before the pain went even the littlest bit down, and this was with my leg supposedly numb coming out of anathesia. Why isnt anything helping me??? I am in excruciating pain just lying in bed for hours wIth ice, only periodically forcing myself to get up to use the restroom