This is my 4th week on zoloft for depression and anxiety. I started with 25mg and am now at my prescribed dose of 100mg daily. I take it at night after my dinner. I am terribly lethargic all day, I feel like I'm in a fog and it's making it impossible to do practically anything productive. I sleep fine, but I could just sleep all day or just lay down and stare at nothing all day because I'm so zoned out. I forgot my pills two days in a row this weekend, and I felt so much better on Monday - so I'm debating just cutting my losses and stopping. I have tried basically every SSRI under the sun and am starting to think they are just not for me. I'm so frustrated because I can't function well due to my depression, but when I take meds I still can't function. I really don't know what to do. Should I stick it out with Zoloft for a while longer? Maybe add Wellbutrin as well. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!