I had a trigger a couple months ago. Since then, I’ve had high anxiety, intrusive thoughts and a bit of loss of self. I voluntarily admitted myself into the ED. They prescribed me Zoloft. Never liked nor have I believed in medication. But to be there for myself and my daughter until I can more naturally heal myself I decided to take a medication/Zoloft to help me. What should I expect? I’m at 50mg for 7 days down, side effects were rough and caused me anxiety at first. I have felt good at times, I feel spacey as well, some head pressure. I’m just hoping this Zoloft will help me feel like myself again, sooner than later. Before January I had a very similar trigger happen to me in 2018 per multiple family deaths. I healed myself, literally. Thought I was passed it all, living life and able to deal with normal stresses and everything else. Love being a father. Looking for some input, reassurance and anything else.