Started on escitaloprám several months ago with 10mg... increased to 15mg for awhile... then a few months ago increased to 20mg.

In the past I'd never sleep pass 6hrs... now I have different vivid dreams each night/day with different individuals ( family, friends, acquaintances, strangers I've seen online... every time I fall asleep, always different people/situations). I also sleep until noon/1pm and may go to bed after midnight. I can easily fall asleep during the day which I'll also dream. In other words I'm always sleepy.

This is definitely not me. I was normally an early riser despite what time I go to bed. I never dreamed... maybe once in awhile... I have no motivation to do anything..I still force myself to workout on my Peloton and lift weights, all at home. Mood wise I'm good.

I'll be going on vacation next week, visiting family but will make an appointment with my doctor when I get back.

Anyone else have these symptoms of constant sleepiness, vivid dreams and no motivation on 20mg of escitaloprám?